Flow Charge is an LED mobile phone charger that makes the current visible so users know when their phone is fully juiced.

Flow Charge is a mobile phone charger that makes the charging current visible. When the phone reaches full battery capacity, the cable stops glowing to let you know your device is ready to use.

The charger works with iPhones, Samsungs, HTCs, BlackBerrys, Nokias, and more devices. The Electroluminescent Light (EL) technology
 lowers power consumption and saves energy.

The LED flow color shows users their device is charging and enables them to quickly find it in the dark. When the device is at less than 65% charge, it will flow very fast and then when it is 65%-99% the flow current will be reduced until it is fully charged and comes to a stop. You can check out the $19.95 Flow Charge, available with a black or white cable, in the video below:

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