Extension Cord Stool Acts As Power Bar And Seating [Pics]

Extension Cord Stool Acts As Power Bar And Seating [Pics]
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The SpoolStool is a hybrid design by Joe Levy that features three sockets and a leg with an embedded LED light.

Emma Hutchings
  • 1 july 2013

The SpoolStool is an ergonomically-driven response to the everyday extension cord, combining function with comfort, as it can also be used as seating or a small workspace. It has been designed by Joe Levy, a Design Innovation student at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand.

Stool Combines Seating And Extension Cord Into One Harmonious Product [Pics]

The hybrid design, made from European Beech, is a contemporary piece of funriture with an inbuilt extension cord that wraps around it like a spool of thread. On the underside of the stool are three sockets, to enable the user to plug in and charge their laptop, smartphone, and other devices.

The SpoolStool can easily adapt to the users’ needs. The legs can be unattached in order to use it on a table or desk as a contemporary extension cord. If light is needed, the LED-lit leg can be plugged in and used as a light source. Click through to see pictures of the hybrid product:


+Ergonomic design
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