Facebook Board Game Brings Social Media To The Real-World

Facebook Board Game Brings Social Media To The Real-World
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Facebook: The Board Game by graphic designer Pat C. Klein is designed to get people to interact with each other in person.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 18 july 2013

The meteoric rise of social networking sites has made it easy for people to get lost in the online world and forsake the real world. These days most people ‘talk’ to each other through posts on Twitter or Facebook.

Graphic designer Pat C. Klein wanted to encourage communicating and interacting with each other face to face. He came up with a game called Facebook: The Board Game, which aims to ‘persuade people to stop using the internet forever.’

According to the project page the idea behind the game is that people can meet up and play in in real life instead of going on Facebook all the time.


The games looks similar to Monopoly. Squares on the board have instructions such as ‘Friend Request: Ask a player you don’t know too well a question’ and ‘Event: Arrange another event with your friends.’ There are also spots like ‘Break Up – If you are in a relationship with a player, break up’ and ‘Suspended: Your account has been suspended, miss a turn.’

Players also pick from Like and Status cards that contain questions such as ‘If somebody says or shared something you like during the game, why not like it?’ and ‘Have you had any good news you’d like to share?’.


Pat C. Klein

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