Payment System Lets Shoppers Buy Groceries With Their Faces [Video]

Payment System Lets Shoppers Buy Groceries With Their Faces [Video]

Uniqul uses facial recognition software to connect customers with their bank accounts and allow them to pay for goods without cash or a credit card.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 23 july 2013

‘Imagine going to the store and your wallet is already there.’ That’s the opening line of the promotional video for Uniqul, a payment system that uses facial recognition software to let customers pay for purchases without the need for cash, a credit card, a wallet or mobile phone.

The Finland-based company is getting ready to release the system in the Helsinki area. The system works with a Uniqul tablet placed at check-out stations. The tablet would take a photo of the customer’s face as they approach and would retrieve the customer’s account by processing their biometrical data. The customer would need to press ‘OK’ on the tablet to complete the purchase.



Uniqul uses military grade algorithms to ensure the security of their system and has made sure to create a user-friendly interface. Customers can use any major card when registering a payment method. Customers also need to pay a monthly subscription fee to use the payment system.

Check out the demo video about Uniqul below.


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