Data visualization video “Food Waste, A Story Of Excess” presents a quick look at food consumption in America.

We all are guilty of throwing out food every now and again – whether we let that last banana get too ripe or forget the cheese until it goes moldy – it happens, we shrug it off and then go buy more groceries. But this video by Visually, a website dedicated to data visualizations and infographics, may make you think again about wasting food.

The video, Food Waste: A Story of Excess, reveals some of the disturbing statistics about throwing away food. While it is obvious that wasting food in and of itself is a bad thing, people forget about other damaging effects and waste that occurs, especially environmental waste. For instance, for every gallon of milk thrown out, 1000 gallons of water, the amount used to produce the milk, is also wasted. And although global food production is enough to feed every person on the planet, there are still 870 million starving people.

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