Furniture Building Blocks Let People Instantly Revamp Their Home [Future Of Home Living]

Furniture Building Blocks Let People Instantly Revamp Their Home [Future Of Home Living]

ZIG can be put together to make beds, benches, sofas- practically any piece of furniture.

  • 7 july 2013

PSFK’s soon-to-be released The Future of Home Living report will launch our first large scale interactive exhibition that will be open to the public on July 23rd in an apartment and exhibition space at 101 Apartments in Chelsea. The showcase is a carefully curated collection of products, services and concepts that are a demonstration of the trends in the Future of Home Living report.

One of the products that will be featured in the exhibition is ZIG, a collection of furniture launched by Cezign and designed by Cecilia Dupire and Costa Picadas.


Furniture doesn’t have to be clunky and determinedly set in its pre-set physical dimensions. ZIG caters to those who want to design their own furniture based on their moods or space requirements.



The ZIG is more of design tool than a piece of furniture since it allows people to create interactive furniture from soft block-shaped units.The blocks can be shaped into beds, sofas, tables, benches, shelves- practically any design that allows users to individualize their own piece of furniture.


ZIG is designed by by Cecilia Dupire and Costa Picadas. Dupire founded Cezign which is an association of designers and image creators who are working with contemporary interiors and exteriors.

Check out our Vine videos to see how PSFK put together some of the ZIG blocks to make different items such as a bed, couch and home theatre seating:

The ZIG collection comes in different colors and is available for purchase at Cezign.

Located at 101 West 15th Street, the Future of Home Living experience will offer an unparalleled glimpse into the lifestyle of the ultimate, modern-day New Yorker, just a taste of which you’ve seen above. From the convenient to the visionary, we will provide an opportunity for multi-sensory engagement with the products, services, and ideas that are at the forefront of modern city life.

RSVP here to visit the exhibit starting July 23rd!

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