How Would You Create Peace & Balance In The Home Of The Future? [Future Of Home Living]

How Would You Create Peace & Balance In The Home Of The Future? [Future Of Home Living]

Help furnish PSFK's Future of Home Living exhibition and learn about trends driving innovation in home products.

  • 4 july 2013

With our announcement of the Future of Home Living report and exhibition, PSFK is also launching a social initiative to find out what you, our audience, would want in your ideal home of the future.

This week we will focus on Equilibrium, the products and services for holistic living that help people maintain a feeling of balance, health, and well-being in the home. Each weekday we will tweet, pin and post our suggestions; Then it’s your turn! The Future of Home Living Pinterest board will be updated daily where you can get inspiration for your submissions on a healthy home of the future.


Submit your ideas using #PSFKhome on Twitter and Pinterest. We’ll repin and retweet the best, to be be featured on the Microsite and in a ‘Best of’ roundup every Friday.

The greatest part is that what you submit could become part of the Future of Home Living exhibit at the new 101 apartment complex at West 15th Street in New York! Starting July 16th, the exhibit will give you an unparalleled glimpse into the lifestyle of the ultimate, modern-day New Yorker — picture a plant that can be watered with the click of a mouse, an app that replaces the morning alarm with a simulated sunrise and  subscription services that deliver weekly selections of local gourmet goods. From the convenient to the visionary, PSFK’s exhibit will provide an opportunity for multi-sensory engagement with the products, services, and ideas that are at the forefront of modern city life.


So keep your eyes peeled on our social streams for the daily examples of healthy modern living and don’t forget to check out the Future of Home Living exhibit in NYC on July 16th! You might just see that cool compact aquaponics set you tweeted at us in real life.

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