PSFK's free exhibit showcasing what our living space will look like in the next five years opens Tuesday July 23rd.

PSFK is excited to announce that our Future of Home Living exhibition is opening to the public next Tuesday the 23rd of July! The nearly-completed 4500 square foot gallery features all the products and showcases the services that a dynamic and interactive home of the near future will have. RSVP for free here to visit us at 101 West 15th Street in New York.

The exhibit explores various innovative approaches to the 21st century urban lifestyle of a modern-day New Yorker, like the above Little Printer from Berg that creates miniature customized newspapers and the Aquaponics closed-loop herb garden next to it. The space has been painted by illustrator Aaron Meshon to recreate the interior of a house, and helps guide the visitor along the different ‘rooms' we've created to help contextualize all the new products we have curated.

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