First Sketches From PSFK’s Future Of Home Living Experience

First Sketches From PSFK’s Future Of Home Living Experience
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A first glimpse at the illustrations that will cover the walls at our exhibition space at 101 West 15th Street.

  • 14 july 2013

In the lead up to our Future of Home Living experience that debuts on July 23rd, we’re giving you a sneak peak at the graphics and designs that you’ll see come alive in our curated venue at 101 West 15th Street.

We’re working with artist, Aaron Meshon who is helping us to put together the design and graphics for the exhibition. His work is colorful, lively and engaging and has been included in Los Angeles Magazine and his editorial work, Cat and Dogs has appeared in Tufts Magazine. Meshon also designed and made the 175 cards that went into creating the fun layout of Gutai Card Box at the Guggenheim.

The graphics Meshon put together for PSFK’s Future of Home Living exhibition are simple graphics stepping away from his usual complex graphics. The sketches depict the functional nature of the products on display and Meshon characterizes the utility of the products in our day to day lives, from sketches entitled ‘Breakfast’ to ‘Bathroom Items.’


Be sure to look out for Meshon‘s work at our Future of Home Living exhibition! And check out more of his designs below.

Located at 101 West 15th Street, the Future of Home Living experience will offer an unparalleled glimpse into the lifestyle of the ultimate, modern-day New Yorker, just a taste of which you’ve seen above. From the convenient to the visionary, we will provide an opportunity for multi-sensory engagement with the products, services, and ideas that are at the forefront of modern city life.

RSVP here to visit the exhibit starting July 23rd!

Future of Home Living

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