Ardent Fan Creates Game Of Thrones LEGO Figurines

Ardent Fan Creates Game Of Thrones LEGO Figurines
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Etsy seller creates his own figurines for the popular TV show.

Ross Brooks
  • 1 july 2013

When it comes to Game Of Thrones, it’s hard to question the intensity of the TV show’s fans. It might also explain why one of them has decided to create and sell custom LEGO figurines – without the consent of LEGO or Game Of Thrones (GoT).

Available through Etsy, die-hard fans can get their hands of figurines that include Eddard Stark, Arya, the Mother of Dragons, John Snow and Tyrion Lannister.

All of the minifigures have been drawn by the producer’s house artist and custom pad printed in the USA. Because they use the same pad printing technique as LEGO, the custom design will never fade or scratch off. They’re also made with official LEGO parts, despite not being supported by the company.


Considering the violent nature of the show, and the unlikelihood of an official launch. This renegade Etsy seller may be the only way such a design could see the light of day.

Due to the unendorsed nature of these building brick sets however, it’s unlikely they will be available for long.

If you are interested, each of the sets retails for around $70.


Game Of Thrones LEGO Figurines

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