Google Earth Videos Model The Historical Evolution Of Major Cities

Google Earth Videos Model The Historical Evolution Of Major Cities

Visualizations give a timeline of how buildings are added to an urban landscape.

Keerthana Jagadeesh
  • 15 july 2013

Calgary-based real estate company Cube Cities has put together a video of how city landscapes develop in 3D visualizations. Cube Cities has utilized developer-reported data of building construction dates to show the timeline of construction in cities.

The video is created by using 3-D mapping technology from Google Earth. The timeline starts at 1850 and you can see a flat dead city which is transformed as we move forth in time. You can also see the decades in which commerce flourished when there was investment in real estate development in cities.

The landscape of Toronto is transformed during the boom in 1970, San Francisco goes through a construction boom after the 1960’s and New York’s midtown buildings are color coded according to their use (green for residential, blue for offices and purple for hotels).

See how San Francisco was formed in this video:

Check out a video of Midtown Manhattan buildings being put together:

Cube Cities

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