Artist Marion Luttenberger created a series of handmade typefaces out of physical materials like fake fur, bacon and water.

Austrian artist Marion Luttenberger likes to make new typefaces, but she doesn't design them with a pen and paper or a computer, she designs then with physical materials, ranging from bacon to water, Luttenberger's Experimental Typefaces shows that there is more to typography than Helvetica.

Some of Luttenberger's work is commissioned by brands, other typefaces were created out of her own creative desires, but what is interesting about each is how the font relates to the material it is made out of. ‘Wasser' is made of out of droplets of water, and ‘Olive' is built from a tableaux of olive-related foodstuff. Luttenberger creates her handcrafted typefaces and then photographs the fonts to render them permanent.

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