Headset Lets Drinkers Fill Beer Glass With Their Thoughts

Headset Lets Drinkers Fill Beer Glass With Their Thoughts

The longer you can mentally focus on something cold, the more of the beverage you will receive

Ross Brooks
  • 10 july 2013

You can use your mind for all sorts of useful things, from problem solving, to positive thinking. But now you can use it for something a lot more tangible – pouring a perfect draught beer.

This brain-powered technology was created for Castle Lite – a low-carb, ice-cold beer offering from South African Breweries.

Using only your mind, The Extra Cold Mind Reader challenges you to keep your mind cool, even when presented with images of extreme heat and other distractions. The unique sensory experience also makes use of interactive lighting, cold air effects, rich immersive visuals and sound to really challenge the user.


The longer you are able to keep your mind focused on something cold, the more ice cold beer you are rewarded with.

Designed by Hellocomputer, and built by Thingking, the mind reader uses an EEG headset to measure spontaneous brain activity over a short period of time along the scalp. The device also picks up on conscious thought, emotion and facial expressions, all of which it uses to control the experience.

So, if you thought you were good at pouring a glass of draught beer, it might be time to take on a new challenge in the form of a mentally materialising beverage.


Watch the machine in action in the video below.

South African Breweries

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