Headset Heightens Human Senses In Real-Time

Headset Heightens Human Senses In Real-Time
Arts & Culture

Students create revolutionary device that amplifies sight and hearing.

Lara Piras
  • 3 july 2013

Royal College of Art students have built Eidos, a range of sensory augmentation equipment that can enhance sight and sound through two different headsets in the same way consumers would adjust their settings on TV or radio.

The sight headset, in the shape of a pair of glasses slows down movement in real-time by transferring images to a computer where they’re processed and then sent back, allowing the user to take note of hidden traces and patterns. This method is comparable to long exposure photography, which uses particular techniques to capture stationary and moving objects in one frame.


The sound headset that appears as a mask neutralizes background noise by capturing audio through a microphone that is then sent back through three speakers, one for each ear and one at the mouth, so that the user can hear speech much more clearly.


The student’s aim is to target Eidos at a number of industries; in sports with the potential of improving techniques in real-time, the healthcare industry for the elderly or children with attention deficit disorders as filtering background noise could aid in their focus and even performance art enhancing experiences in live shows.

Eidos will be on show at the Royal College of Art summer exhibition in London, 20th – 30th June.


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