Kevin Murphy travel sized beauty products used 'lenticular' printing to create four unique information panels in one space.

Lenticular printing is not new technology. Although you may not recognize the term, you'd know it if you saw it. Most often recognizable on novelty postcards and magnets, lenticular printing involves an array of magnifying lens which produce images that change when glanced at from different angles. Sound familiar? Now Australian professional hair care brand Kevin Murphy has harnessed the technology to display product information on travel sized goods.

It is difficult to get all the necessary information on a package that can only be a certain size but design studio Container got around the issue by using the multidimensional lenticular lens, so that consumers could view any and all the necessary facts without compromising on size and fussy double-layered labels. The bottles look sleek and petite, and by applying dated technology to a beauty product, the designers made it innovative once again.

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