Fully Automated System Grows Produce At Home [Future Of Home Living]

Fully Automated System Grows Produce At Home [Future Of Home Living]

Bitponics is a cloud-based hydroponic garden manager that fully automates the growing process.

  • 28 july 2013

In the new Future of Home Living report, the PSFK Labs team look at the trend of Home Farming and how compact gardening solutions are being developed to accommodate the time, space and resource restrictions of modern urban living. One manifestation of the trend is the Bitponics system, a cloud-based hydroponic garden manager that gives owners access to a web-based dashboard, enabling them to keep up with the help of their plants from anywhere. Wi-Fi enabled sensors in the soil transmit plant data to the dashboard where users can view and control every aspect of the growing process, like the pH of the soil, temperature, and moisture level.

Should any problems arise, the system can be programmed to send alerts to owners, allowing them to tend to their garden even while they’re out and about, or away traveling. The base system also includes two power outlets, which feature built in timers to help owners set schedules for various components like lights and pumps, providing an additional level of automation and ease.


Bitponics’ founder Amit Kumar says,

“A lot of people like plants and wish they could grow them. But not a lot of people know how to care for them. We want to enable anyone to grow no matter what their skill set is.”

Beyond the technology associated with the system, Bitponics is also hoping to develop an active community of members who can connect with one another to share techniques and advice, adding a valuable social and educational component that extends the product’s usefulness.

The Bitponics System empowers both amateur and expert home gardeners to start growing at home and falls within a larger theme in PSFK’s Future of Home Living Report called Equilibrium, which is exploring the ways architects and designers are integrating feelings of balance, health, and well-being into people’s living spaces and everyday lives.



PSFK has announced the latest in a series of trend reports. Following studies into retailsocial mediagamingwork and mobile, the PSFK Labs consulting team have generated the Future of Home Living report. That report manifests as a free summary presentation, an in-depth downloadable PDF and an exhibition in New York City that runs to August 16.

RSVP below to get an exclusive demo of the Bitponics setup at the #PSFKhome exhibition at 101W15th.


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