IKEA Living Dollhouse Campaign Help Home Owners Deal With Small Spaces

IKEA Living Dollhouse Campaign Help Home Owners Deal With Small Spaces

The Swedish furniture brand is exploring the theme of smart living for a tiny home.

Daniela Walker
  • 9 july 2013

IKEA is not only the place to go for budget-friendly furniture, but it is also hopes to be the furniture store that understands the needs of city dwellers living in small spaces. The Swedish furniture giant commissioned a study in the UK to understand how people use space in their home and launched a campaign, ‘Make Small Spaces Big’ to demonstrate that with cleverly designed products, there is potential in a small homes.


The study, which sampled 2,000 UK adults, discovered that 70% of Britons don’t know the size of their own homes and they now live in the smallest homes in Western Europe, 15% smaller than other countries. Howard Carter, Sales Business Leader, IKEA UK and Ireland explained:

Homes across the UK have definitely shrunk in recent years, partly due to soaring land prices but also to smaller family sizes.  As a result we’ve had to be much cleverer in how we furnish and kit out our homes so we make the most of every inch. That said, our research has shown we’re not fully grasping just how much space we do have available.  Not only are we in the dark about the size of our properties, we also get muddled when it comes to measuring up.

Britons, who had to deal with the switch from imperial to metric a couple decades ago, still get befuddled over measurements in centimeters. So not only are they living in smaller spaces, but it is difficult to actually understand the space they live in. But the ‘Make Small Space Big’ campaign shows a doll, Mandy and her son, living in a tiny dollhouse apartment, but kitted out with IKEA’s smartly designed compact furniture, which has hidden storage and double usage, the doll is maximizing the space and enjoying her micro-apartment. The ad encourages consumers to think outside of their little box, using the brand’s interior solutions.

Watch the TV spot, One Room Paradise, below:


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