Balloon Clock Tells Time Through Inflation Cycles [Pics]

Balloon Clock Tells Time Through Inflation Cycles [Pics]
Design & Architecture

The Breathing Clock is a deflating balloon that shows time is relative.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 29 july 2013

Designed by Max Schmidt, the Breathing Clock is a balloon that tells time by representing the act of breathing.

The piece consists of an inflated balloon enclosed by a capsule. The balloon deflates as time passes. A fully inflated balloon can last for no more than half an hour. The project was designed to show that time is relative.

As Schmidt describes it on his site, ‘The ticking clock is too concise for the creative workflow. Why not create an inconspicuous indication of time, which fades into the background?’

Time is relative. Does the second matter in every situation? Isn’t the perceived time the real time?


View more images of the Breathing Clock below.


Max Schmidt



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