New Publication Lets The Voices Of Unpaid Interns Be Heard

New Publication Lets The Voices Of Unpaid Interns Be Heard

Graduates curate their own content with an aim to initiate debate on this employment gray area.

Lara Piras
  • 18 july 2013

The ‘intern’ is a subject close to many a graduate’s heart, and with the vast majority of us having experienced at least one month of unpaid labour, Intern magazine is sure to be welcomed with open arms.


The idea comes from Manchester-based Alec Dudson who explains his personal and somewhat difficult 12-month experience of interning for the magazine’s Kickstarter page. Stemming from his frustration, Intern promises to showcase the best in unpaid talent across the creative industries and fire up discussion around the topic to better the current situation that so many are frustrated with.


Dudson explains, ‘First and foremost, people need to be exposed to your work in order for them to notice you. Secondly, the culture of internships across the creative industries is one that is not discussed or debated outside or even within them. Wouldn’t it be a lot more helpful if people could get an insight without throwing themselves in at the deep end?’

And this is exactly what Intern aims to do. Many youngsters are fighting back, whether that be by suing former employees, or now with this opportunity, by getting their voices heard by creating compelling work in their field of expertise via platforms such as this.

Make this project happen by donating as little as £1 via the project’s Kickstarter page here.


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