Bank Designed To Mimic A Restaurant Experience

Bank Designed To Mimic A Restaurant Experience
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ChiantiBanca ditches the teller line and replaces it with a personalized service approach.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 18 july 2013

The agriculturally focused Tuscany territory in Italy maintains traditions dating back hundreds of years. ChaintiBanca recognized that a sleek, impersonal design for a protoype branch wasn’t going to resonate with the local community. Italian design firm Crea International and DINN! were charged with creating a new branch concept centered around personal contact with clients. The proposed service model required looking for inspiration beyond the financial sector and Crea found it in restaurants.


The resulting design blends tradition and modernity. Rather than alter the structure of the existing interior, Crea created a series of suspended roof-truss like elements, a reference to ceiling beams found in traditional Tuscan homes, that give the space character and rhythm.


Just inside the door is a restaurant-style greeter podium where customers can check-in for assistance or be guided to a specific service area.


The front portion of the branch is an open area with a mix of cafe and bar height tables and chairs for informal counseling with bank associates. The color palette and materials are a mix of warm wood tones with accents of ChaintiBanca’s bright green color. The intention was to reflect the colors of the Tuscan region and create a relaxed place where customers wouldn’t feel overwhelmed with information or technology.


Partitioned areas towards the back of the space are used for more private conversations and screen the offices of the bank associates.



While it might appear that the addition of more furniture in the space doesn’t really serve a critical function, ChaintiBanca opted to ditch the traditional teller line altogether. Many of the more common transactions are intended to be done in the front of house area, where customers are seated and an associate joins them. ChiantiBanca says the branch design offers the relational approach towards clients which is more reassuring, informal and innovative.


 Photos by Dario Garofalo

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