Hovering Ring Emits WiFi For Public Outdoor Living Room [Pics]

Hovering Ring Emits WiFi For Public Outdoor Living Room [Pics]
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A massive installation in a public square in South Korea provides both internet and a cordoned off recreational space.

Daniela Walker
  • 9 july 2013

The Communication Hut is a suspended curved ring that provides WiFi signals during the day and glows at night to give passersby a safe resting spot. Located in a public square in Gwangju, South Korea, the installation encourages the public to use the space as an outdoor space to wait, congregate and socialize.

The ring hangs from three metal poles but appears to hover above the trees. While benches and an internet signal encourages people to come sit in the public space, it also provides an invisible boundary that has a feeling of safety and comfort. Herreros Arquitectos, the Spanish architecture firm  behind the project, wanted the space to be like an outdoor living room. In their manifesto they said:

The ground level, once cleaned of any unnecessary and interrupting element will be transformed into a neutral background ready to be re-utilized and conquered by the daily activities. Some of its pieces emerge and remain elevated freed from the ground stimulating various uses such as sitting, lying down, meeting others or connecting through a series of benches, tables or ‘urban altars’.

Using the surrounding trees, and adding the ring, the firm’s installation is an ode to contemporary architecture, where all the traditional aspects of a building are not always in place, whilst also giving a nod to the discipline’s ‘primordial past’ as a tool for protection and the physical act of covering a space. In this Gwangju public square, the ring hovers and glows above, offering the comfort of home with WiFi, virtual boundaries and bright lights, providing a sense of protection.

Click the gallery below to see more of The Communication Hut:

Herreros Arquitectos

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