Sydney Opera House Recreated Using Thousands Of LEGO Blocks [Video]

Sydney Opera House Recreated Using Thousands Of LEGO Blocks [Video]
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An iconic architectural masterpiece put together using the toy bricks for the brand's new Creator's Line.

Yi Chen
  • 17 july 2013

The Sydney Opera House in Australia is considered one of the most iconic buildings in modern architecture. The designers at LEGO wanted to capture its brilliance using the toy blocks for the brand’s high-end Creator Line.

LEGO’s previous attempt at the Opera House was far too simple and failed to show the curved sea-shell shape of the roof line. This time however, instead of only using 270 pieces, the new model includes almost 3,000 Lego bricks that highlight the the subtle details such as the steps leading up to the Opera House.


Jamie Berard, Design Manager Specialist for the Creator line, commented that this was the hardest model he has worked on. He explains that:

Lego bricks are quite good at making buildings with straight walls and sloping roofs. Creating a piece of architecture with so many compound curves and angled walls really pushed the boundaries of what our bricks are capable of. Considering it took engineers eight years to figure out how to make the real Opera House sails, I feel quite proud that it only took us three.

Watch the video below:



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