Levitating Pods May Solve Tel Aviv’s Traffic Woes [Pics]

Levitating Pods May Solve Tel Aviv’s Traffic Woes [Pics]

A magnetically floating SkyTran system will be built in the Israeli city.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 30 july 2013

Tel Aviv in Israel will soon be the first city to have a magnetically levitating SkyTran system.

Developed by the SkyTran company and engineers from the NASA Ames Research Center, the SkyTran system basically consists of two-seater pods that glide on guideways or monorails suspended 20 feet up in the air. Travelers can request a pod and input their destination through an app or via the website. A pod will arrive shortly to take the travelers to where they need to go at a speed of up to 150mph.

The fare is estimated to be slightly more expensive than a bus ride but less than what you would spend if you take a cab to the same destination.


The pods are built to be lightweight and are powered by an electric current running above them. According to SkyTran CEO Jerry Sanders, there are plans of installing solar panels on the guideways.

The mass transit system was designed to reduce traffic congestion. Other Israeli cities as well as other countries like India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the USA have already expressed interest in implementing a SkyTran system.






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