Logo-Free Ads Stir Emotions In Unsuspecting Viewers [Video]

Logo-Free Ads Stir Emotions In Unsuspecting Viewers [Video]

Le Communique Art Show exhibit displayed ads stripped of their branding to engage young people and show them how creative the industry can be.

Daniela Walker
  • 10 july 2013

Advertising is often thought of as one of the great evils of our capitalist age. For many, it is not a hub of creativity nor does it have any resemblance to art. But what if ads were stripped of the very things that make them ads? In Le Communique Art Show, curated by ad agency Leo Burnett, advertisements went on display in a gallery but without their regular logos. Videos and photographs were presented to the public as if they were art, and as the video below shows, many were engaged and moved by what they saw before them.

Le Communique Art Show is the winner of the 4A’s TruthBrief Competition, which asked creatives to think of ways to improve the ad industry’s image in order to attract young talent into the fold. The competition arose from a 4A-commissioned study, ‘The Truth About Advertising’, which showed that people within the advertising world did not think of it as a creative space and that the heyday of advertising was behind them.

The Leo Burnett-run art show was held on a college campus, and ran as if it were a normal art exhibition. It was not until the end of the night that gallery-goers were told that the ‘art’ they had been viewing and interacting with all night was actually advertising. The final piece revealed was a canvas that read: ‘All the pieces you saw today were ads. Join the most creative community in the world.’

Ryan Wolin, Associate Creative Director at Leo Burnett said the art show was intended to do away with misconceptions that advertising was solely about commerce and not art. He commented:

In order to attract younger talent to this industry, we felt it was better to show them the real creativity in advertising rather than tell them. This campaign shows the strength of creative ideas in a very personal way.

The winning campaign will now tour campuses across the country to show young people how their creativity could flourish in advertising.

Watch the video below to see how advertising moved a crowd:

Leo Burnett // 4A TruthBrief

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