MiCasa Lab has developed a rug that can lift small animals up in the air.

MiCasa Lab has developed a flying carpet that can lift pets up in the air, using six pairs of neodymium magnets placed underneath.  Wired reports that while the carpet can only lift 2.4kg pets up to 7cm right now, the lab hopes its next version can lift larger pets weighing up to 10kg 20cm in the air, and possibly even hold people.

Per Cromwell, the co-founder of Swedish ad agency Studio Total, who helped MiCasa set up the lab, told Wired:

The main objective of the lab is to experiment. Like our flying carpet: we've created a prototype that can lift a cat or dog a few centimetres. We have a bit more research to do before we can lift a person, but we have a picture of a man watching CSI from a flying carpet that keeps us going.

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