Macala Wright: CEOs Seek New Environments To Learn How To Speak To Customers

Macala Wright: CEOs Seek New Environments To Learn How To Speak To Customers
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As global economic unrest alters the way in which customers interact with brands and businesses, leaders of those companies are having to rewire their ways of thinking to meet customer needs.

Macala Wright
  • 14 july 2013

With shifting millennial mindsets, CEOs need to know how to speak to customers and they need to learn how to alter their thinking in groups of people who face the same challenges they do. As CEOs seek likeminded professionals, they no longer  are attending massive events like CES and SXSW, instead they turn to smaller forums like PSFK and private, invitation-only events like Summit Series. On the West Coast, there’s a group that making waves for leaders who have business and companies here.

PTTOW! is an invite-only, member network and summit that brings together inspiring leaders from the world’s most innovative companies, along with cultural icons, to showcase game changing projects shaping today’s culture founded by Roman Tsunder. I spoke with Roman on the group’s unique offering and position.

How does PTTOW! differ or provide unique value it its members or participants versus a program like Summit Series of 50 Kings?

PTTOW! is a business accelerator for the worlds leading companies focused on the 14-34 year old audience. We do three basic things:

1. Insights and inspiration you can’t get elsewhere. Whether it’s the head of the Navy Seals talking about building trust and leadership with their team or how Red Bull pulled off Stratos and got 10 million concurrent live video views – real world KPI’s and best practices from the most successful professionals in the game.

2. Partnerships that are seeded and formed at our summit and year round. We’ve had partnerships ranging from Quiksilver partnering with the US State Dept., to sending snowboarding ambassadors to Easter Europe, to Skullcandy and Spotify partnering together on a music platform, to Chrysler becoming the tentpole sponsor of the iheartRadio festival. Major six to seven figure deals get done through our network – over 30 to date partnerships have been made.

3. Social Good. If our members profit from these consumers, let’s make their lives better. Whether it’s TOMS and Warby Parker with their 1:1 model and showcasing that or what Pencils for Promise of the Gates Foundation is working on – we love to support that and that’s what it’s all about. It’s great to take responsibility for this audience and having a positive impact on their lives.

The reason PTTOW! exists is that 60% of the world that is under the age of 30.  Young people are the largest economic group in the US ($1.2 trillion in spending) and have shaped the fashion, social, mobile, gaming, music and entertainment industries. So although many of the summit group, are in that age range, our group is made up mostly of C level executives from the top companies in each industry.

Like many of the CEOs that are finding success in entertainment and media via digital technology, you began in finance. What critical skills does your previous background provide in order for you to build PTTOW to its current level?

Working in investment banking was the best of times and the worst of time. The worst because your life belongs to the bank and you work 100+ hour weeks.  The best of times because your level of work product is extremely high and your peers are very smart and have high expectations.

Those skills of very high end work product ranging from financial modeling to CEO level presentations at a younger age gives you confidence that you can handle any business environment after that.  So the most critical skills I acquired was being confident with my work and having great attention to detail since it’s all about the details.

What is an example of something that members have collaborated on to produce?

We have had some amazing collaborations.  We have many six to seven figure partnerships that happen. Some obvious, others not as obvious.  Skullcandy & Spotify, US State Departement and Quiksilver, Fuse TV and Bonorro, Howcast and P&G and Chrysler & IheartRadio have all created successful programs.


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