Miniature Houses Built In The Space Between Buildings

Miniature Houses Built In The Space Between Buildings

Dutch agency, Natwerk installs the tiny buildings on an old street in Amsterdam.

Kat Popiel
  • 10 july 2013

The urban development of Amsterdam is much like any other global city; buildings are replaced, facades removed or refurbished, walls just partially demolished.  Other times bricks can ‘disappear’ altogether — it’s all very serious. In the Westerstraat of the Jordaan district there is a number-gap from 54 to 70 giving rise to the sociological reminder that cities reinvent themselves and often, mistakes are made.


Dutch agency, Natwerk, known for their silliness in cultural product innovation have built mini houses positioned to fill these gaps.  In an era when most creative businesses are eager to reinvent purely for business purposes, Natwerk truly thinks outside of the box, responding to a hyperlocal cultural conversation. In driving awareness to fun and innovative storytelling tactics, they continually showcase their relationship with contemporary culture.


Additional projects by them include black shaving cream (so you can be just like the Major Lazer collective) and Buurbecue, an outdoor grilling utility that breaks down social barriers allowing neighbors to dine together.

We can’t wait to see what they’ll drum up next.


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