Designer Daniele Bortotto created dispensers that promote mental well-being as well as a pleasant living space.

At-home air fresheners are usually ugly things – plug-ins or designed to blend into the background of home furnishings, the air freshener is something to be hidden in a room. This is not the case with designer Daniele Bortotto‘s silicone scent dispensers. He created a trio of air fresheners that are aesthetically-pleasing – miniature sculptures in their own right – and on top of that, they emit scents that have known positive effects on moods.

Working with a specialist perfumer, Bortotto designed the dispensers to be placed in specific areas and to have specific effects. Eau D’Orange emits a fresh citrus scent that is intended to keep the mind alert and is most suitable sitting on one’s desk. Pillow n. 5, with its notes of soothing lavender and chamomile, is intended to relax the worst insomniac, and lastly, Air de Provence gives city dwellers the smell of freshly cut grass and a sense that outside their window is the countryside and not a bustling metropolis.

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