Visually Impaired Elderly Man Creates Masterpieces With MS Paint [Video]

Visually Impaired Elderly Man Creates Masterpieces With MS Paint [Video]

Hal Lasko creates intricate artworks using the basic drawing program.

Yi Chen
  • 25 july 2013

Microsoft Paint in Windows ’95 wouldn’t be your first choice to create digital art. Nevertheless, Hal Lasko has chosen this basic drawing program to create beautiful artworks. What makes his story even more amazing is that Lasko is 97 years old and is considered legally blind and deaf.

Lasko’s illustrations are described as a “collision of pointillism and 8-bit art.” He spends around 10 hours a day meticulously dotting out the images pixel by pixel. Also known as the Pixel Painter, Lasko started his career as a graphic designer and was only introduced to MS Paint when he was already retired.


For the first time, Lasko will be showcasing some of his works in an art exhibition. He also sells selected prints online through his personal website.

Watch the  short documentary about Lasko in the inspiring video below:

Hal Lasko

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