Some of the world's most powerful communicators use “powerless” communication styles to shake up the world in a gentle way.


This article titled “In defence of mumbling: there's a poetry in our quietness” was written by Laura Barton, for on Tuesday 16th July 2013 13.54 UTC

Everything seems loud these days. Ringtones, radios, car horns. Bus passengers bellowing into their mobile phones; cinema surround sound, aeroplanes, Muzak. The persistent hum of refrigerators, air conditioners, neon lights. The sudden blaring of the advertising break, and the continuity announcer whose voice whoops and whirls past our ears. All this noise, all this racket, fighting to fill the air. Even the written word seems more thundering now: across Facebook, Twitter, comment threads, blogs, comes the constant tumble of voices.

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