Is Workplace Napping Essential To Productivity?

Is Workplace Napping Essential To Productivity?
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A 20-minute nap could make you a better employee.

Ross Brooks
  • 5 july 2013

The social sharing and productivity app Buffer has over 10,000 fans, all of who use their app and visit the blog for regular updates about the latest productivity tips and ways get more work done.

Employees at the company are allowed (even encouraged) to take a nap at some point during the day. It’s even possible to find co-founder Leo Widrich turning to a nap in place of a caffeine kick at times – as demonstrated by the picture below.

Napping is part of Buffer’s company mantra which is “live and work smarter, not harder.”


This challenges the idea that in order to get more done, you need to be sat at your desk for 10 hours straight, chugging your fifth 15oz coffee, getting the bare minimum done, but at least proving to your boss that you’re “working hard.”

The alternative would be to realise when you’re tired after putting in a solid few hours of work on the latest line of code, design iteration or whatever it is that you work on each day, and take a nap. It might feel like you’re shirking your responsibility but the chances are a 20-, 30-, even 40-minute nap will leave you feeling refreshed, and more importantly, mentally prepared.

Not only is it a cheaper way to get a buzz, it’s not a temporary measure. Sleeping will allow you to put in another few hours of solid work, and not just busy work done for show, but work that will deliver actual results.


So next time you’re tired at work, maybe you should petition your boss for an allocated nap time each day, instead of reaching for the nearest caffeinated beverage you can find.


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