Amateur video editor, Fabio Di Donato's “Around Saturn” uses 200,000 NASA photographs to create a video montage of the planet.

By day, Fabio Di Donato is an ICT Consultant, by night he is a film editor creating mash-up video clips. His latest, ‘Around Saturn,’ takes a tour of the gargantuan ringed-planet, using 200,000 pictures taken from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft between 2004 and 2012.

Set to a waltz, at times, the montage seems to be scenes from a 1950s science fiction film, showing quick cuts of the planet’s rings and moons – which could be Styrofoam models suspended in air. The stop-motion black and white video is both dazzling and dizzying, a beautiful ode to the mysterious planet. Take a moment to watch and be in awe that this it is no fiction.

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