Networking App Hooks Up Aspiring Minds With Renowned Influencers

Networking App Hooks Up Aspiring Minds With Renowned Influencers

HereOnBiz debuts their “Influencer Of The Month” series, which connects the platform's users to major influencers like Porter Gale, the former CMO of Virgin America.

Daniela Walker
  • 23 july 2013

‘It’s not what you do, it’s who you know’ is one of most important mantras in business and in life. And while networking app HereOnBiz has been bringing together like-minded business professionals for a year, it has expanded its network with its new ‘Influencer of the month’ series, which gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to meet for a coffee with major players in a variety of industries.


HereOnBiz was originally created as a geo-location service connected to LinkedIn that allowed users to find people in similar fields in the same area, such as an airport lounge. The new series expands on the premise, but offers access to a different ‘influencer’ each month. The influencer decides which city they would like to meet in, and users of the app in that city are notified. They can then apply for a coffee date with said influencer, and the influencer sifts through the applications to determine who they would like to have a 30-45 minute meeting with.

For giving their time, influencers can promote a product or highlight a cause on the app, while the lucky entrepreneur gets an unique opportunity to expand their network by talking to someone that may have seemed inaccessible. HereOnBiz founder Nick Smoot told Mashable they began the Influencer series:

…to show our community that we exist to help them never miss an opportunity. It’s not a first- or second-degree network, but an opportunity they never realized they had.

HereOnBiz has the lineup for the next 14 month, featuring a range of heavy hitters from California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, to TechStars’ founder Brad Feld and Charles King, an agent and partner at the William Morris Endeavor talent agency.


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