Collection Of New Yorker Covers Chronicles Gay Marriage [Pics]

Collection Of New Yorker Covers Chronicles Gay Marriage [Pics]
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Images of past covers from the magazine about same-sex unions show how attitudes have changed over time.

Emma Hutchings
  • 5 july 2013

The New Yorker has marked the Supreme Court’s recent decision to strike down a key part of the federal Defense of Marriage Act with a new illustrated cover and a look back at previous covers about same-sex unions.

New Yorker Covers Chronicle Evolving Attitudes Towards Gay Couples [Pics]

This week’s cover, titled ‘Moment of Joy’, snapshots a new attitude towards gay couples. It shows Sesame Street‘s iconic and much-loved characters Bert and Ernie cuddling in front of a television showing footage of the Supreme Court. It was illustrated by artist Jack Hunter, who originally submitted it, unsolicited, to a Tumblr blog. He said:

It’s amazing to witness how attitudes on gay rights have evolved in my lifetime. This is great for our kids, a moment we can all celebrate.

The slideshow below shows how earlier covers from the magazine have depicted same-sex unions over time. Click through to view a selection of the illustrations:

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