Fantasy Sneaker Website Calls On Nike To Make Female-Friendly Sizes

Fantasy Sneaker Website Calls On Nike To Make Female-Friendly Sizes

Two women on the cutting-edge of urban fashion petition big brands for something that would actually fit.

Ross Brooks
  • 26 july 2013

Emily Hodgson and Emilie Riis are the founders behind Purple Unicorn Planet – a website that showcases “men’s only” style sneakers in the hope of getting them made in women’s sizes as well.

Sneaker culture is just as popular amongst women as it is amongst men – especially in big urban centers like New York and London. The challenge for women however – is getting ahold of the latest sneakers in a size that isn’t going to look like a clown shoe.


Some companies such as Nike don’t even make many of their more unique styles in sizes for women – especially if they’re designed using custom colorways, materials or patterns.

As Riis put it during an interview:

Girls don’t just want pink, purple, or banana yellow trainers.

Two styles of sneakers the duo have their sights set on are the Nike Lunar Force 1 Fuse Premium and the Nike Air Force line. Both are featured on Purple Unicorn Planet, but the link takes you through to a page explaining that they aren’t even available in women’s sizes.

While it might seem like an attack on the company, the pair make it clear that they chose to focus on Nike purely because it has so many great styles of sneakers to choose from – if you’re a man.


The website was completed as a personal project away from their day jobs in an advertising agency. Some may think the campaign is just another brief they are working on for their employer – but it’s actually the result of their personal passion for the latest footwear.

By profiling their favorite sneakers and showing Nike there is a demand for women’s sizes – Hodgson and Riis are hoping to change the status quo and get big name sneaker brands to start making shoes of all sizes.

Purple Unicorn Planet

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