These fonts are artistically camouflaged to be undecipherable to software scanning systems.

In the light of Snowden revealing that the US government was gathering private information from sites like Facebook and Google, netizens, activists and the even people living under a rock are now concerned about online privacy. To combat this, Sang Mun has devised a font typeface that prevents your data from being deciphered by the NSA.

Sang Mun worked as a contractor with the US NSA when he was in military service in Korea. Mun was shocked at how easily it was for the government to access people’s data so he started looking for ways people could hide their data from artificial intelligence. So he started to develop a typeface that would be undecipherable by a text scanning software. He created ZXX, a typeface that thwarts prying software eyes with its four illegible styles: Camo, Noise, False and Xed.

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