Office Furniture Screws Together With A Coin [Pics]

Office Furniture Screws Together With A Coin [Pics]
Design & Architecture

Modular furniture that doesn't need tools to turn an office into a flexible workspace.

Ross Brooks
  • 8 july 2013

The task of putting together a furniture on your own seems straight-forward enough, but a company in Japan called Nendo has managed to make it even easier. Designed for furniture brand Kokuyo, this particular furniture set requires nothing more than a coin to put together.

Along with modularity, this new system of convenient joints means that small offices can respond to any required changes, or modify their working environment on a whim – without having to call in an expert, or even get out the tools.


The components of the hardware lie flat when not in use, then with the push of a finger, they spring out of place, ready to be accessed with a coin.

Small shelving units double as legs for desks, or stack on top of each other, as well as side by side to create larger storage solutions. There’s also pastel-coloured fabric panels which fit over the cubby holes to conceal their contents.

The set is available in a choice of black, white and wood veneer finishes, making it suitable for almost any office environment.


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