One-Seater Vehicle Hauls Cargo For City Dwellers [Pics]

One-Seater Vehicle Hauls Cargo For City Dwellers [Pics]

Renault has develped a new way to navigate traffic and deliver packages on time in urban environments

Ross Brooks
  • 12 july 2013

Bicycles and motorcycles are the forerunner when it comes to urban delivery, but Renault is looking to offer something with a little bit more space in the trunk that still allows for driver to truck their various goods around town.

Twizy Cargo is a family of mini electric cars made especially to carry goods with its large boot and an ingenious 90-degree opening door design.

Apart from it’s manoeuvrability, the car has another advantage over motorbikes – safety. Feating a four-point seatbelt, protective cabin and an airbag – you’d be a lot safer dodging traffic in this miniature car.


Renault are also launching a “Design Your Own Twizy” scheme, giving buyers a choice of over 40 colours and 30 pre-designed wraps to give their car it’s own unique character.

Whether or not the Twizy could become the replacement for it’s two-wheel competitor remains to be seen, but it’s definitely an appealing option for those who deliver anything larger than a pizza.


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