Accordion-Like Paper Clothing Is Completely Wearable [Video]

Accordion-Like Paper Clothing Is Completely Wearable [Video]
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3D garments that can adapt to the movement of your body created using origami.

Ross Brooks
  • 25 july 2013

Royal College of Art graduate Jule Waibel has designed a series of folded paper clothes and accessories that represent how our world is constantly changing. It’s named after a German word – Entfaltung – which means to unfold/expand/develop.

Using simple sheet materials folded into three-dimensional objects, Waibel was able to create objects that are able to expand and contract. This includes a dress which changes shape according to the movement of a person’s body, and an expandable bag that looks a lot like an accordion.


There is also  an umbrella made of Tyvek – a lightweight water- and tear-proof synthetic paper. The durability of the material fits well with the idea of designs that are able to adapt, and endure their surroudning environment.

Described by Waibel as:

Celebrating the beauty to be found between geometry, transformation and play.

Take a look for yourself at the intricate folded designs and how they adapt to the environment:


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