Tea Box Designs Composed From The Leaves Inside [Pics]

Tea Box Designs Composed From The Leaves Inside [Pics]

TripTea hired Andrew Gorkovenko to create packaging illustrating exotic landscapes using loose leaves.

Emma Hutchings
  • 19 july 2013

Moscow-based advertising designer Andrew Gorkovenko created “paintings” out of tea leaves for the company TripTea, in order to highlight that its tea leaves come from all over the world. The different images of landscapes are handmade directly from the tea variety in the package, and each one is divided to cover three sides of the box.

Tea Boxes Show Off The Origins Of The Leaves Inside [Pics]

Gorkovenko aimed to show the beauty, depth and fullness of the tea. Therefore the packaging was decorated with landscapes of countries where it was assembled and produced. This conveys an exotic image of the country as well as the richness of flavors and nuances of the product itself.

Each side of the package has one of the landscapes of the triptych, enabling the product to be presented at the point of sale in interesting and unusual ways. Click through to see images of the tea illustrations:

Andrew Gorkovenko

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