Hybrid Street Art Creatures Take Over French Streets

Hybrid Street Art Creatures Take Over French Streets
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Graffiti guru Ludo combines natural and mechanical elements to create jarring images intended to highlight the fragility of humanity.

Kristen Nozell
  • 30 july 2013

Street artist Ludo has recently been active in his native France, adding to his series titled Nature’s Revenge. The series combines elements from human anatomy, plant life and machines to create larger-than-life, high-tech hybrids, seemingly poised to take over the world. According to the artist’s website, the uncomfortable juxtaposition is intended to highlight the relationship between humanity and nature. The images are typically composed of monochromatic pasteups with pops of neon green. Simultaneously awe-inspiring and frightening, the creatures provoke viewers to consider the fragility of human existence.


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