Phone-Hiding Tablecloth Lets Diners Enjoy Each Others’ Company

Phone-Hiding Tablecloth Lets Diners Enjoy Each Others’ Company
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Engage in some actual conversation thanks to this ingenious way to break the tie with your cell phone at meal time.

Ross Brooks
  • 24 july 2013

While technology can make our lives easier in so many ways, it can also make us more isolated from one another. One area where this couldn’t be more true is around the dinner table – people are constantly checking for updates and messages, browsing the web – and even answering calls.

Zip It is tablecloth that makes up part of a collection aimed at highlighting and addressing this issue.

Many people today see eating as a purely functional act. That means it can be done while walking, talking, working, or any number of other activities. This is a drastic change from the ritual that it used to be – a time when people came together to take a break in the day, enjoy their food and engage in some interesting conversation.


Zip It achieves its goal by giving people a pocket sewn into the side of the tablecloth. Putting some physical distance between you and your phone makes it more difficult to check without being rude. There’s also the fact it’s harder to tell if you have any notifications or incoming calls.

A simple solution to a problem that could have more complex implications than many people realize, this tablecloth is an excellent way to reclaim your meal times.


Zip It


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