Microphone Add-On Turns A Phone Into A Karaoke Machine

Microphone Add-On Turns A Phone Into A Karaoke Machine
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An affordable alternative to going out allows you to sing along with your favorite songs.

Ross Brooks
  • 24 july 2013

While Karaoke may not be seen as the most appealing way to spend your time in the Western world – it continues to be one of the most popular forms of entertainment across Asia. Depending where you go, it can be an expensive endeavour, unless you get your hands on JUKE.

JUKE consists of a tiny microphone that attaches the headphone jack of your iPhone, and a Bluetooth transmitter that attaches to a separate speaker to give you sound.


Using the app that comes with it, you’re able to control the music playlist, follow along with a song’s lyrics, as well as add effects to your voice for those who feel they need a little bit of artificial enhancement.

If you use YouTube to find most of your music, you’ll be glad to know the app is also able to cache music videos on your phone’s internal memory – meaning no streaming issues when the karaoke urge arises.

The ability to sync playlists with your friends also means you can all learn the words to each other’s favorite songs.


Apart from an iPhone, the device is also compatible with an iPad – Android versions are planned for future releases as well.

So, instead of paying to rent out an entire room – including food and copious amounts of alcohol – you can pay just $152 on Kickstarter to get the full karaoke experience anywhere you choose.


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