Pistol Grip iPhone Attachment Lets People Snap Photos Instantly

Pistol Grip iPhone Attachment Lets People Snap Photos Instantly

An ergonomic handle improves your quick-draw photography skills.

Ross Brooks
  • 1 july 2013

iPhone photography seems to be a much more convenient way to capture a moment these days, as opposed to pulling out your DSLR or point-and-shoot in time. Now there comes a gadget that makes it easier to quick-draw your iPhone and take better pictures in the process.

The Grip & Shoot is an ergonomic pistol grip that attaches to your iPhone, and connect using Bluetooth. It allows for greater control whether you’re shooting photos or videos – and prevents you from having to mess around with the touch screen when time is of the essence.


Grip & Shoot runs off of a free app that allows you to use the three buttons on the pistol grip – a trigger for shooting, and a pair of +/- buttons for zooming.The grip itself is non-slip so you can be sure your iPhone isn’t going to fall to the floor, and a blue flashing LED lets you know the device is connected.

The grip can also act as a stand, allowing you to use remote triggering up to 100 ft (30.5 m) away.

Designed with an open API, the developers have made it possible for others to try their hand at creating software for the pistol grip – so expect some other uses in the future as well.


Launching in July, the device will cost $99.95 and includes a case for an iPhone 4S/5, a carrying pouch, and the grip itself

Grip & Shoot

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