Plant-Growing Maternity Vest Mimics Real Pregnancy [Pics]

Plant-Growing Maternity Vest Mimics Real Pregnancy [Pics]
Design & Architecture

A see-through compartment reminds people that plants are living things that need care and attention in order to flourish.

Ross Brooks
  • 16 july 2013

Alice Kim is a recent graduate from Kingston University responsible for designing a vest that allows people to carry seedlings and young plants as if they were real babies.

The idea is simple but powerful, reminding people that plants – just like humans – need proper care and attention to grow. Considering what plants do for us in terms of oxygen and food supplies, Kim’s designs give people a great way to remind others of their importance in the world.


Made from PVC, the vest has a small compartment in the front to house your young seedling.

If the plant grows too big for the maternity vest, there is also a “Plant Stroller” available that allows people to take their plant parenthood to the next level.

Alice Kim

+Environmental / Green

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