The TaskOne protective covering allows owners to multitask in the physical and digital worlds.

Your phone is your life and already a modern-day multi-tool in the virtual realm. But it doesn’t have any app to fix your bike, open a can or saw a piece of wood. Now the TaskOne iPhone case allows you to multitask from the physical world, giving Apple’s smartphone the functionality of an old-school Swiss Army pocket Knife.

Ex-Apple engineer Addison Shelton, who developed the case, says the TaskOne won’t add too much bulk or weight to your iPhone. The case designed in Atlanta, Georgia, weighs in at just 89 grams. It offers a portable, pocket-sized toolbox with 16 separate tools in a polycarbonate case. This includes a 2.5 inch (6.4cm) knife with both serrated and fine edges, and the opposite side has a 1.8 inch wood saw. Other tools include a roller, a medium Phillips screwdriver, seven metric wrenches, small and large flathead screwdrivers, medium Phillips screwdriver, and pliers with an integrated multi-size wrench take care of torque-related tasks. Other tools include wire cutters, a wire stripper, a ruler and spoke wrenches.

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