Weather Service Sends People Personalized Daily Texts

Weather Service Sends People Personalized Daily Texts

Poncho sends a simple SMS about the daily forecast each morning to help you plan your day.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 2 july 2013

We can always check the weather online or via weather apps, but new weather service Poncho makes it simple and easy for everyone–by sending weather information in a single text message in the morning.

Poncho is not a real-time weather service, but it simply gives the initial data that you need to help you prepare for your day, and it does it through a very informal and friendly text message. The information it provides is personalized and context-based. The service takes into consideration information such as the time you wake up, what time you leave for work, whether you take public transportation and which one, and what zip code you live in. Users can choose whether to receive the customized weather info through text or email.

For now the weather service is currently limited to the New York City area, but if you want to be notified when it expands its coverage, you can sign up at their website. The creator of Poncho is also working on an app.

Poncho was created by Kuan Huang, a hacker at Betaworks and co-founder of the Feely app.




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