Popular Fonts Reimagined As Their Corresponding Food [Pics]

Popular Fonts Reimagined As Their Corresponding Food [Pics]
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Visual communication studio PRIM PRIM created paper sculpture replicas that interpret classic fonts as the types of meal they would be.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 15 july 2013

The Taste The Font series by Lithuania-based visual communication studio PRIM PRIM recreates fonts as types of food.

The series was created for the 2013 Vilnius Design Week and included paper sculpture replicas of fonts such as Times, Comic Sans, Courier New, and Gothic 821 Condensed.

The font Times was presented as a traditional British breakfast of bacon and fried eggs as it is a classic standard that will never go out of style. Comic Sans was reimagined as marshmallows on a stick. Courier New was recreated as a sandwich. Gothic 821 Condensed was presented as a cup of coffee.



The paper replicas were accompanied by short write-ups explaining the reason behind the type of food chosen to represent the different popular fonts.

Check out more photos of the paper sculptures below.



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