Portable Mixer Lets People DJ Songs From More Than One Device Simultaneously [Pics]

Portable Mixer Lets People DJ Songs From More Than One Device Simultaneously [Pics]

The Djoclate II lets you mix music from different sources.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 23 july 2013

Created by Netherlands startup Pepperdecks, the Djoclate II is a pocket-sized portable music mixer that lets you pull in music from more than one music storage device, be it a laptop, tablet, or phone.

The Djoclate II was designed to create the best music experience at small get-togethers and office or house parties. More often than not, it’s not possible to have the full DJ equipment or even a playlist that would satisfy everyone at these parties. The Djoclate II lets people mix music from different sources without the need for a whole lot of mixing gear.



As the name suggests, the Djoclate II is already the second version of the device. Pepperdecks came out with the first version last year. The first Djoclate had two inputs, one output, a bass kill switch, and two full-size faders. The device was received favorably throughout Europe.

After receiving feedback from users and even from a few professional DJs, the startup decided to add a couple more functions. The latest version Djoclate II has a pre-listening function so that DJs can listen to the next track. That means an additional output for the headset and a switch to coordinate between the two tracks.

The Djoclate II also has a Bluetooth transmitter which allows users to connect wirelessly to a speaker system or a Bluetooth speaker.

Pepperdecks is seeking funding for the second version of the portable mixer on Kickstarter. The suggested price for the device is $89 but backers can get one for only $65.

View more photos of the Djoclate II in the gallery below.

Watch the project Kickstarter video below .

Djoclate II

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