Sustainable Purifying Filter That Fits Into Any Bottle

Sustainable Purifying Filter That Fits Into Any Bottle
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A simple device can turn any receptacle into a mini purifier.

Laura Chase
  • 28 july 2013

WaterBean is a water-purifying filter that fits into any water bottle turning tap water into clean drinking water. Designed by Japan-based package-designing entrepreneur Graeme Glen, the filter not only removes the impurities found in ordinary tap water but also improves your daily health by giving you the added minerals your body uses while eliminating the need to keep purchasing bottled water. One WaterBean filter saves up to 280 water bottles from polluting our landfills. That would be equivalent to two large shopping carts full of plastic.

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For drinking water on the go there are plenty of eco-friendly canteens but the physical design of this filter gives you the flexibility to toss it into any drinking container as long as it’s 12 oz (500 ml). It costs under 10$ and its filter only needs to be changed every three months. The filter contains granulated all-natural activated coconut carbon, the best quality carbon available. It is totally safe if ingested and after three months of use can be recycled as plant fertilizer.


You can pre-order a WaterBean through their Indiegogo campaign and help fund the project. 

Below is a film that examines the role of the bottled water industry and its effects on our health, climate change, pollution, and our reliance on oil. Check it out if you had any doubts about the necessity of reusable plastic bottles.

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